Transportation Works for Kansas (T-WORKS)

In May 2010, the Kansas Legislature passed Transportation Works for Kansas (T-WORKS), an $8 billion, 10-year transportation program. T-WORKS was designed to create jobs, preserve highway infrastructure, and provide multimodal economic development opportunities across the state. A 2010 announcement for the T-WORKS program can be reviewed here.

More than 2,000 Kansans participated in the development of T-WORKS and helped create better business models for each transportation mode. The key features of T-WORKS included:

  • A new highway project selection process that used engineering data, local input and economic impact analysis to evaluate projects.
  • An expanded Economic Development Program designed to be more flexible and responsive (i.e. decisions made in 45 days or less) to help communities capitalize on emerging economic opportunities.
  • A regional transit approach to make services more efficient and expand coverage across the state.
  • A more strategic selection process for aviation projects in order to give more Kansans access to air ambulance services.
  • An expanded Rail Program that allowed shippers and industrial parks to be eligible for program funds along with local governments.
  • A commitment to highway preservation.

The project lists for T-WORKS are available below:

The project maps for T-WORKS are available below:

$8 Million Promise

$8M Promise Map

The Kansas Legislature believed it was important for all Kansans to benefit from T-WORKS. Thus, T-WORKS legislation required at least $8 million to be invested in each county across Kansas. They called this the $8 million promise, and it was made up of investments in highway preservation, highway expansion and modernization, aviation, transit and rail. This investment goal was achieved.

For the latest updates on work that continues on T-WORKS projects, please visit the IKE program projects page. For all other questions, please email IKE@ks.gov.

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