What is a PMC?


The IKE Program is a 10-year program with many components, and we need to deliver it on time, on budget, and with transparency. We need help to achieve those goals and are committed to deliver the IKE Program in a new way at KDOT – through the use of a Program Management Consultant (PMC). By continuing to manage what we can in-house and by hiring a PMC to help deliver the projects we don’t have the capacity to manage, we are leveraging a larger pool of unique talents and implementing best practices common in the private sector.

The PMC will manage a portion of the IKE Program Expansion and Modernization projects. In managing a project, the PMC will be actively working with KDOT staff to complete Right Of Way acquisition and environmental requirements (permitting, clearances, etc.) while managing consultant teams to complete the project design.

For the most part, the PMC will manage projects that have yet to be let, but they may be helping with construction engineering/inspection (CE/I) work for ongoing (already let) projects, if deemed necessary by the KDOT districts.

While the PMC will assist KDOT staff in the consultant procurement process, KDOT will make the consultant selection. The PMC will be involved with partnering solutions between the contractor and inspector, as well as assisting KDOT with evaluation of claims.

Who is the PMC for the IKE Program?

Burns & McDonnell and Garver came together to create IKE Transportation Partners, a 50/50 joint venture that combines knowledge of KDOT culture and processes, relevant experience managing large programs for state DOTs, and proven project controls experience.

Burns & McDonnell has served as an advisor on more than 150 KDOT projects over the last 40 years. In addition to providing traditional consulting services, Burns & McDonnell has helped KDOT position for the future with innovative approaches to policy development, organizational assessment, long-range planning, safety analysis, construction oversight, and public engagement.

In the lead-up to the passage of the IKE Program, Burns & McDonnell staff played key roles in technical analysis supporting the Legislative Task Force, project prioritization, and Local Consult process. This experience as an extension of KDOT staff will be critical to IKE’s success in the IKE PMC role.

Garver has experience managing design consultants and contractors for state DOTs, toll authorities, and municipalities. Garver serves as an extension of the Arkansas DOT staff in the role of program manager on the Connecting Arkansas Program (CAP).

The KDOT IKE Program and the Arkansas CAP have similar needs and goals, and the innovative reporting and scheduling strategies developed for Arkansas will also benefit KDOT. Most recently, Garver was selected to serve as the PMC for KDOT’s FY2023 Bridge projects.

Have Questions?

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