I-70 and Taylor Road Project

Page last updated: December 11, 2023

Project Update

KDOT remains committed to replacing the aging Taylor Road bridge over I-70 and will continue to advance those plans. While refining the design of the bridge, KDOT will also evaluate incorporating a future interchange at the location. Evaluating a future interchange at this stage enables KDOT to understand how the bridge replacement fits in with a future interchange and the impacts the interchange would have on cost estimates, right-of-way impacts and timelines. Whether the interchange is included in the initial bridge replacement project, or reserved for future construction, is dependent on numerous factors, including working with the City of Junction City and Geary County on future local planning and infrastructure needs in this area.

Project Description

The I-70 and Taylor Road project west of Junction City is in the project discovery phase. The current aging bridge over I-70 needs to be replaced; with this comes an opportunity to add a new interchange to increase access and encourage additional economic development in the area. The project is also studying potential local roadway connections from the potential I-70 interchange to Strauss Boulevard that may be completed by local entities.

The I-70 and Taylor Road project was identified as a top priority for the North Central Region (District 2) through KDOT's Local Consult process in 2021. To move this project forward, KDOT will need to allocate funds after local investment is committed. KDOT will determine the final project scope based on funding, local investment, community engagement, and the needs of the transportation system.

The project discovery phase is on track to be complete at the end of this summer (2023). This project has not yet been selected for construction (known as the IKE Construction Pipeline); however, we’re at an important step in the process which is public input. Once the project design concept is determined, and there is local support, it would be eligible for the IKE Construction Pipeline; at that time a proposed construction year would be provided. Project development could take 3-4 years.

Project Location


Project Materials

Materials below were discussed during the July 6, 2023 public meeting.

Meeting information can be made available in alternative accessible formats upon request by contacting KDOT Division of Communications one week before the meeting at 785-296-3585 (Voice) / Hearing Impaired – 711.

Project Concepts

It is necessary that KDOT investigate all options as part of a break in access study, required by FHWA for all new interchanges on Interstates. No preferred alternative has been selected yet. The design team is considering six possible options for the project at this time. Concepts include:

Option 1: Only replace the aging Taylor Road bridge over I-70

  • 1A: With provision for a future interchange
  • 1B: No provision for a future interchange

Option 2: New Diamond Interchange at Taylor Road

  • 2A: Frontage road connection near Taylor Road with a sweeping connection to Strauss Boulevard
  • 2B: Backage road connection near Taylor Road with a sweeping connection to Strauss Boulevard
  • 2C: Backage road connection near Taylor Road with grid pattern connection to Strauss Boulevard
  • 2D: Direct connection to Strauss Boulevard, abandon existing frontage road

New connection options to Strauss Boulevard include portions that would restore access to existing property (i.e. the minimum needed to complete a potential interchange project) and portions that may be constructed locally or in partnership with KDOT.

Design Alternative

Project Details

Project Name I-70 and Taylor Road Project
Project Number



West of Junction City on I-70 at Taylor Road


Bridge replacement, improvements to Taylor Road adjacent to the bridge, and potential new interchange with new frontage road connection between Taylor Road and Strauss Boulevard


1 mile (I-70), 1 mile (Taylor Road)

Cost Estimate (FY2027)

Interchange: $21.5M (Construction) $24.9M (Total)
Local Roads: $3.6M (Construction) $4.2M (Total)

Project Timeline

Public Engagement (June/July 2023), Finalize Study (Summer 2023), Right-of-Way Acquisition (2025-2026), Possible Construction (2027-2028)

Public Meetings

  • Time - 5:00pm to 7:00pm
  • Location - Montgomery Hall at the C.L. Hoover Opera House (135 W 7th Street, Junction City, KS 66441)
  • Public Comment Period - July 7, 2023 to July 20, 2023

  • Agenda - The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) hosted a public open house on July 6, 2023, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the Montgomery Hall at the C.L. Hoover Opera House (135 W 7th Street, Junction City, KS 66441). The public stopped by between 5–7 p.m. to review early design concepts that could connect a potential I-70/Taylor Road interchange to Strauss Boulevard. The open house had KDOT and project team staff on hand to answer questions. There was no formal presentation.

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