K-7 Rehabilitation & Shoulder Widening in Bourbon & Crawford counties

Page last updated: October 20, 2023

Project Description

K-7 between Girard and U.S. 69 Highway carries as many as 2,000 vehicles, including heavy trucks, every day. Built nearly a century ago, the 22-mile corridor needs upgrades to keep up with projected traffic growth and to provide shoulder widening and safety improvements.

To meet these needs, KDOT is working on the K-7 rehabilitation and shoulder widening project in Bourbon and Crawford counties.

Project Goals
  • Widen the highway and shoulders to enhance safety and to accommodate travel on this U.S. Bicycle Route
  • Rehabilitate the surface of K-7
  • Realign the K-39 intersection
  • Remove the Deer Road intersection
  • Increase the capacity of the ditch and extend culverts to improve drainage

Project Map

K-7 Improvements Map
Traffic During Construction

K-7 will be closed during the reconstruction and detours will be posted. Traffic will be directed east on K-47 and north on Highway 69. Road closure alerts will be provided on KanDrive, Kansas’ online 511 System. Property owners located along the corridor will be able to access their property during construction. Public access to the City of Farlington and Crawford State Park will remain open during construction.

Utility Relocation

Utility companies along the corridor are currently working together to understand points of conflict and beginning to plan for and execute needed relocations which will continue through construction. Utility service to your property is expected to be maintained throughout construction.

Real Property Acquisition

During project development and design, properties along the K-7 corridor were identified for acquisition to accommodate the proposed improvements. KDOT representatives will contact those landowners with property-specific details. The appraisal and acquisition process follows the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, as amended. More information can also be found in the Acquisition pamphlet: Real Property Acquisition For Kansas Highways, Roads, Streets and Bridges.

Project Details

Project Name

K-7 Rehabilitation & Shoulder Widening in Bourbon & Crawford counties

Project Numbers

KA-5803-01 and KA-5804-01


K-7: from the north city limits of Girard north to the Crawford/Bourbon county line (includes bridge over Frisco Lake and culvert over Second Cow Creek drainage), and beginning at the Crawford/Bourbon county line north to 2,112 feet southwest of U.S. 69 (includes Little Pawnee Creek drainage bridge)


Widen the existing roadway and add shoulders along K-7 from Girard north to 0.4 miles southwest of U.S. 69


22 miles

Cost Estimate

$42.6 million


Construction could begin as early as spring of 2025 and is anticipated to be complete by winter of 2027

Who to Contact

Alysen Abel
Project Manager

Priscilla Peterson
KDOT Public Affairs Manager

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