2023 Local Consult Process Meeting Materials

A summary of the 2023 Local Consult process and outcomes is available here.

Below are regional meeting materials. Documents discussed during each meeting are available below. View a detailed map to see which district/region each county is in.

District 1
Northeast Region

October 3, 2023

District 1
Northeast Region - Kansas City Metro

October 17, 2023

District 2
North Central Region

October 11, 2023

District 3
Northwest Region

October 10, 2023

District 4
Southeast Region

October 12, 2023

District 5
South Central Region

October 5, 2023

District 5
South Central Region - Wichita Metro

October 18, 2023

District 6
Southwest Region

October 4, 2023

Virtual Meeting
All Districts/Regions

October 24, 2023

KDOT's District/Region Map

District/Region Map

More about the Local Consult Process

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