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Summer 2022 Construction Pipeline Announcement

2022 Construction Pipeline Announcement 2022 Map

Eleven modernization and expansion highway projects in Kansas are moving into the Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program (IKE) construction pipeline. Information about these projects can be found in the New Construction Pipeline Projects info sheet. Projects move into the construction pipeline based on readiness, relative need, and budget. This process gives us flexibility to adapt to changing needs and revenues every two years instead of every 10 years as in previous programs. To date, over 65 modernization and expansion highway projects have been identified for development or construction across the state under the IKE program.

You can find details about the projects moving into the construction pipeline, projects currently in the construction or development pipelines, and an update on the remaining T-WORKS projects in the IKE Pipeline and T-WORKS Projects info sheetYou can also read a message from KDOT Secretary Julie Lorenz about the August 15, 2022 announcement.

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