Midwest Road Usage Charge (RUC) Study

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Funding the Future of Kansas Transportation

As the market for fuel-efficient vehicles and electric vehicles grows, KDOT is proactively studying how funding for Kansas transportation can be maintained for the future. Today, Kansas state roads and bridges are funded primarily by motor fuel tax (also called gas tax) revenues. With Kansans driving more fuel-efficient and alternative fuel vehicles, people are purchasing less fuel, resulting in less money from motor fuel taxes dedicated to maintaining the Kansas transportation system. This shift impacts how Kansas gets its funding for transportation.

To address this challenge, Kansas is proactively exploring whether a road usage charge (RUC) might be a sustainable, long-term funding source in our state.

Shaping Kansas’ Transportation Future

KDOT is utilizing federal grant money available to states to study potential alternative approaches to transportation funding. To-date, most states exploring RUC are on the East and West Coasts — Kansas is adding a Midwest perspective to this national conversation with a pilot RUC experience in 2024.

Kansas is conducting a pilot where participants test drive a real RUC experience and provide their feedback. To learn more about the pilot and KDOT’s exploration to fund the future of Kansas transportation, visit www.midwestruc.org.

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